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International Shipping Information

Important International Shipping Information:    
Video Format:  
All videos are in the NTSC format. This means you must have a compatible DVD player that supports the NTSC video format. Most DVD players across the world can support the NTSC format, but you need to make sure before you purchase a video. We bear no responsibility if you order a tape and it will not play in your DVD player because it only supports the PAL format or SECAM format.  
Packaging and Shipping:  
All international packages are shipped Global Airmail via the USPS. Each video is shipped in a descrete white mailing envelope. There is no mention of anything adult related on the outside of the package, only that it is DVD movies. The initial cost of shipping is $7.00 for the first video and $1.50 for each additional video.  
Regarding the Importation of Adult Materials:  
Every country has different laws and common practices in foreign customs regarding the importation of adult materials. Countries which allow you to legally import porn may have customs officials that routinely seize adult materials. Similarly, countries with harsh laws against pornography may have liberal customs practices. Still other countries have seemingly random customs practices. AEG Inc. cannot predict the behavior of customs officials should the contents of outgoing orders be examined. Such reviews may lead to minor delays before the order is received, import tariffs being levied, or the total seizure of shipped materials. AEG Inc. guarantees that all orders will be shipped in a secure and discreet fashion, but does not take responsibility for orders intercepted by foreign customs officials. The customer is also responsible for all import tariffs or duty taxes assess to the package. For information regarding the postal regulations in your country, please consult the US Postal Service List of Prohibitions and Restrictions for Foreign Countries. Please note that all materials produced by AEG Inc. feature models that are 18 years of age or older.


List of Countries We Ship To:
8. Dominican Rep
16. New Zealand
24. Switzerland
1. Austria
9. Finland
17. Norway
25. Taiwan
2. Belgium
10. France
18. Portugal
26. United Kingdom
3. Brazil
11. Germany
19. Scotland
4. Czech Republic
12. Hong Kong
20. Singapore
27. Japan
5. Chile
13. Iceland
21. South Korea
28. Israel
6. Costa Rica
14. India
22. Spain
29. Netherlands
7. Denmark
15. Ireland
23. Sweden
30. Hungry
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